The main mandate of COC is to regulate the training, registration, licensing and practice of Clinical Officers as per Clinical Officers Council (Training, Registration & Licensing) Act, No 20 of 2017. In carrying out its mandate, the functions of the Council shall be: –

  1. Advise the government on policy matters relating to clinical medicine practice;
  2. Prescribe the minimum educational entry requirements for persons wishing to be trained as clinical officers;
  3. Approve institutions other than those established or accredited under the Universities Act, 2012 for the training of clinical officers;
  4. Establish, approve and accredit clinical medicine programs and continuing professional educational programs;
  5. Register and license clinical officers;
  6. Maintain a register and records of all clinical officers registered by the Council;
  7. Cause to be published in the Kenya Gazette every calendar year the names of all registered clinical officers;
  8. Promote development and adoption of codes of practice;
  9. Regulate the professional conduct and ensure the maintenance and improvement of the standards of practice of clinical medicine;
  10. Collaborate with other medical professional associations, organizations and other relevant bodies, in the furtherance of the functions of the Council and those bodies;
  11. Consider and deal with any other matter pertaining to clinical officers including prescribing badges, insignias or uniforms to be worn by clinical officers;
  12. Register and license facilities owned by Clinical Officers
  13. Carry out other functions related to the implementation of the Clinical Officers  Act. No. 20 of 2017