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Vision, Mission & Core Values


Vision, Mission & Core Values


Competent and Responsive Clinical Officers


Ensuring standardized training, registration and licensing of Clinical Officers

Core Values

As a Council we are dedicated to espousing I-CARE as the guiding principle:

  • Integrity: straightforwardness, truthfulness and uprightness are an integral part of our operations.
  • Customer-focused: consistently endeavor to create enduring relationships with our customers; in so doing our approach goes beyond standard social health care principles and makes their input an integrated and formalized part of service delivery
  • Accountability: endeavor to act in a transparent, unambiguous, predictable and understandable manner in our businesses. We will remain accountable to our stakeholders and will acknowledge responsibility for our actions and decisions.
  • Respect: being polite, friendly and concerned with our customers; with no regard to status or personal preferences but approach our work as guided by principles of fairness and non-bias to all people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Ethical: competent and uncompromising service delivery is exuded in every facet of our work.  We reward merit amongst colleagues while applying the most appropriate skills and competencies to serve our customers. We apply the same ethics and ethos with all our stakeholders.


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