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Accredited CPD Providers


Accredicted CPD Providers

CPD Provider institution Website
1. Amref International University
2. International Cancer Institute
3. Kenya Clinical Officers Association
4. Penda Health Care
5. Health E Foundation
6. Tech Care for All
7. University of Nairobi
8. Tridem Pharma Kenya Ltd
9. ION Kenya
10. Afican Mission Heathcare
11. PS Kenya
12. Daktari Media Africa Limited
13. Center for Health Solutions (CHS)
14. Chronic Dugs Medical Scheme (CDMS)
15. Amref Health Africa
16. AIC Kijabe Hospital
17. Elnatan Global Solutions Limited
18. National Cancer Control Program
19. Nairobi HIV Clinical Support Centre/ TWG  
20. WCEA
21. Access Afya Kenya Limited
22. GS1 Kenya
23. EnnoiaIQ Company Limited


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