The exam application portal for the May, 2023 series will open  on 1st March 2023 and will close on 30th April 2023.

All candidates are required to apply before deadline.

See Calendar below on Mock and Exam  Dates

Examination Application process

  1. The student will create an account on the COC portal :
  2. Make the application by navigating to the exam section, the student will the choose  3 internship centers
  3. Submit the application and allow the COC administrator to confirm your college FQE
  4. If approved make the required payments against the invoice provided on the portal
  5. Then download the receipt and exam card from the portal
  6. Exam dates will be communicated later
  7. All examination payments should be paid not later than 8th May 2023 but applications will close
  8. The exam will be an online exam

Specifications/System requirements for online exam management system

a) Computer with at least core i3 processor or higher (i5,i7), 4GB RAM or higher and a hard disk with not less than 1GB free space.

b) Laptop with Windows 10 operating system or higher/ Mac Operating System

c) The laptop should have a functional webcam and microphone

d) Reliable and stable internet connection e) Updated google chrome browser/Digi proctor application (test pad)

f) Laptop with reliable battery life

g) Connection to a reliable power source


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