e-CPD Capacity Kenya

Human Resources Management for Health Sector Professionals



Health Managers working in public health facilities undertake multiple roles to ensure effective delivery of health services. Ministry of Health (MOH) and the USAID funded IntraHealth International led Capacity Kenya Project conducted studies that have identified gaps in human resources management (HRM) skills among health managers. A number of health care professionals are assuming leadership and management roles without adequate exposure or training in areas such as, workforce planning,staff motivation and support, performance management, work climate improvement, and using human resources information system data for HRM decision-making. These are critical skills without which health workforce managers are unable to meet performance expectations

Responding to HRM gaps

Equipping health professionals with HRM skills has the potential to significantly improve quality of health care services as well as spur health worker motivation and productivity in health facilities. The MOH department of Human Resources Management
and Institute of Human Resource Management (IHRM) have collaborated with the USAID-funded Capacity Kenya Project to design the Human Resource Management professional development eCourse to improve the HRM skills among health leaders at all levels.

Course design

The HRM professional development eCourse has been specially designed for managers who handle human
resource (HR) issues in health facilities with no professional training in HRM, as well as, HR professionals working in the health sector. The eCourse provides a quick reference, cost-effective and flexible method for managers who are time constrained to acquire HRM skills. Through IHRM,
HR professionals in health facilities will earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points upon completion and certification. The eCourse is suitable for national, county, sub-county
/district and facility health managers. The design also takes into consideration, the HRM needs in the public, private and faith-based health sector contexts.

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