Internship Education

Clinical Officers Council – Internship Education

The Clinical Officers Council would like to remind all Clinical Officers that internship is part of Training as stipulated in Clinical Officers (Training, Registration and Licensing) Act, Cap 260. It is therefore mandatory for all newly qualified Clinical Officers to undergo internship for the prescribed period of 12 months as provided for in the rules governing Training, Registration and Licensing for Clinical Officers.

As am orientation for the newly qualified Clinical Officers, you are asked to take note of the following steps that would assist you to follow the right channel in the practice of the clinical medicine.

  1. All newly qualified Clinical Officers are expected to have been indexed by the Council as they commence training.
  2. It is mandatory for them to sit for Council Registration Examinations conducted in May and September each year as per Council’s calendar.
  3. Those who pass the Clinical Officers Council Registration Examination shall be approved and licensed to undergo internship in any of the approved hospitals.
  4. The following documents shall be presented to the clinical officers Council in order to receive Internship booklet:
i. Original Academic Certificate
ii. Original School leaving Certificate
iii. Original diploma results slip/certificate from your respective institution dully signed by the authorized persons
iv Original Clinical Officers Council Indexing Identity Card
v Original Clinical Officers Council  Examination Results Slip dully signed by the authorized person
vi. Original National Identity Card

NB: Please prepare photocopies of all the above documents and staple together.

  1. All approved internship centers have been advised not to receive clinical officers seeking for internship without the above required documents.
  2. No Clinical Officer shall be allowed to proceed for internship immediately after qualifying from their respective institutions without passing the Clinical Officers Council Registration Examination, approval and licensing by the Council
  3. It’s recommended that internship booklets shall be signed by the authorized persons after every rotation which should take exactly 3 months in each discipline
  4. Those who complete internship and will be seeking COC Registration shall be expected to submit the following documents:
i. A letter from the Medical Superintendant or the Clinical Officer In-Charge coordinating  internship within the approved period of 12 months
ii. Submission of dully signed internship booklets by the authorized persons in the hospital without any alterations whatsoever
iii. All the other documents presented while seeking for internship listed in no. 4 above (i-v)
  1. Those who meet the requirements for registration shall be registered and advised to follow the laid down procedure on how to acquire a practicing license
  2. Those who use shortcuts to acquire COC Registration shall be considered to have committed fraud and Clinical Officers Council Rules and Regulations and any other law shall be applied
  3. It is expected that, to meet the dynamics of health and health care, Clinical Officers shall participate in Continual Professional Development as outlined in the Rules and Regulations of the Council
  4. It is mandatory for all Clinical Officers to observe professional ethics and standards of practice
  5. After being registered as a Clinical Officer, you shall be expected to retain your names in the register as per the Rules and Regulations of the Council


Micah Kisoo