Election Regulations

Citation. 1. These Regulations may be cited as the Clinical Officers (Training, Registration and Licensing) (Elections) Regulations, 2009.

2. In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires-

“Association”means the Kenya Clinical Officers Association;

“branch” means a province;

“Chief Executive Officer” means the Registrar of the Council;

“Election Day” the day appointed by the Registrar under regulation 3(1);

“returning officer” means a person appointed by the Council to supervise the election of the Council members at the Branches.

Notice of election.

(1) The Registrar may by notice in the gazette and in at least two newspapers of nationwide circulation, appoint the day that the election of the eight Clinical Officers to the Council as required by section 3 (1) (f) of the Act shall be held.

(2) The members of the Association shall hold their Branch general meetings on the Election Day to elect a branch representative to the Council.

(3) The Registrar shall publish the notice of election at least ninety days before the Election Day.

Appointment of returning officer. 4. The Returning Officer to be appointed by the sitting Council.
Preparation for election. 5.The Registrar shall at least sixty days prior to Election Day send a notice to the Chairman of the Kenya Clinical Officers Association, requiring the Chairman to prepare for the elections of the representatives of the Association in the Clinical Officers Council from each branch.
Prohibition of canvassing.


(1)No delegate shall canvass at the election centre on the Election day.

Provided that Officers who wish to be assisted during election may be so assisted by the returning officer or Registrar.

(2) The returning officer may disqualify from voting any delegate who is found canvassing at the election centre on the Election day.

Counting of votes.

7. (1)The returning officer, the Registrar assisted by the three other Clinical Officers who shall be appointed by the executive committee of the Association shall count all the votes for each candidate and the returning officer shall announce the results.

(2) The elections shall be by a simple majority but in event of a tie the returning officer shall have a casting vote.

(3) All the names of the successful candidate shall be published within fourteen days after the election in the Gazette and in such newspapers circulating in Kenya and returning officer shall direct.

Appeals. 8. Any person who is aggrieved by the decision of the returning officer on any election matters may appeal to the Minister within thirty days of the publication of the election results in the Gazette.
Nomination of Council members. 9. The Minister shall, on the recommendation of the Chairman of the Clinical Officer’s Council and the Chairman Kenya Clinical Officers Association appoint five Council members from the representatives elected.
  10. Names of elected to reach the Registrar within Sixty days after election list of the delegates who took part to be attached to the names of elected Council members.